Q?Do I take insurance?

I do not contract with insurance companies, however if you have a PPO plan you may have benefits that reimburse a percentage of the cost. Typically, PPO insurance plans reimburse 50% of the fees for each session. Fees are paid in full at the time of your visit. I will then provide a receipt so that you may request reimbursement from your insurance company directly. I understand submitting your reimbursement to your insurance company can be challenging to navigate the first time, but after you have completed it once, it becomes a matter of repetition. When you call your insurance company to inquire about the percentage of fees they reimburse, you may also want to ask how many sessions you are allotted per calendar year, and how long it takes them to process reimbursements.

Q?What do sessions cost?

My session fees are $150/session. Fees are paid by check at the time of your session. I donate a portion of my practice to sliding scale patients. If my practice is full, or I have no sliding scale openings, I am happy to offer you referrals.

Q?Is using video calling an option?

Yes. When a client is unable to come to the office, video calling may be an option.

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