Therapy sessions aside, talking to Athena is in itself both a relaxing and therapeutic experience. She has an incredible talent for making the person in front of her feel at ease and open immediately. I remember the first time I met up with her I felt so comfortable and extremely relaxed. She made me feel okay to open up and talk about things that I am not usually comfortable sharing with others. I’ve recommended a few friends to her and they all salute her calming nature and helpful therapy.

She basically practices what’s called holistic or mind-body-spirit psychotherapy which called me to her at first. During therapy, she focused on my source of stress and overwhelmed feelings through a multi-dimensional lens that looked at the source of the problem from a mind angle, body angle, and, last but not least, spirit angle. I think it’s really difficult to open up to yourself, let alone another person on such an intimate and exposed manner. So Athena really stood out to me personally because she made me feel relaxed in going through that difficult but helpful process. I think she is LA’s best kept secret and she can befriend and help anyone out there, particularly people like me who are stressed out with a million responsibilities a day at work and home. So I want to make sure more people know about her! Thank you, Athena, for being such a great person and helping me find my inner great person. 🙂