Couples vs. Individual Therapy

Couples therapy is different than individual therapy, and one might be of greater interest than another. Couples therapy is often helpful in addressing issues of emotional intimacy, communication and independence and offers insight into one’s self. Individual therapy can offer more focused attention to experiences of one’s self, which might inform and expand our ability to be ourselves in the world. Some people choose to begin with couple’s therapy and later do individual work. Individual therapy therefore can lead to our being more available in our relationships, while couples work is a living experience of our self in relationship to another. The part our partner may play in what we are sometimes challenged to see in ourselves can come up directly in a session. Where we take issue with our partner can also be a familiar inner conflict. In both individual and couples work the therapeutic container intends to bring awareness to our self, often through experiencing the contrast with our “other” (inner and/or outer, in however we may be experiencing it).


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