What to Expect

Your appointment is a regular, weekly visit at the same time each week, unless you request a rescheduling. This allows your mind-body-spirit to get into a rhythm, and to know you are meaning to listen and relate to your self. We are making a concerted effort to allow what wishes to come forward in you the time and space to arrive. By having both of us committed in a consistent way, we create a supportive and mindful space for your process to unfold. Sessions are 55 minutes in length.


As we proceed, there is a great deal you will learn about yourself. This is a slow process, and often paradoxical to our western sensibilities of being goal-oriented. If our usual ways of getting us through were available to us, and working we would likely not be in therapy. Therefore healing and growing in new ways to create something altogether new takes time. We will both be working to be patient with this process.


Finally, I am not working to merely make you feel better. If I did that you might become dependent on me and get frustrated and resentful for not being able to feel better on your own. My role is to support you in finding your way into new growth and healing. I will be by your side, in as much as you will let me, and as much as my human and spiritual capacities allow.

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