What to Expect

Your appointment is a regular, weekly visit at the same time each week, unless you request a rescheduling. This allows your mind-body-spirit to get into a rhythm, and to know you are meaning to listen and relate to yourself. We are making a concerted effort to allow what wishes to come forward in you the time and space to arrive. By having both of us committed in a consistent way, we create a supportive and mindful space for your process to unfold. Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length.


As we proceed, there is a great deal you will learn about yourself. This is usually a slow process, and often paradoxical to our western sensibilities of being goal-oriented. If our usual ways of getting us through were available to us, and working, we would likely not be in therapy. Healing and growing in new ways: to break down something old, or create something altogether new, takes time and requires some patience.


Finally, we are not working to merely make you feel better. Growth and healing can sometimes be painful. My role is to support you in finding your own way into such expanding consciousness.

Written by

Athena A. Carrillo, M.A., M.F.T. is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy based in Los Angeles. She specializes in working with adults coping with anxiety, childhood trauma, depression and low self-esteem. During her time at UCLA as a Pre-Med student, Athena’s interest was piqued by the intrinsic connection between body and mind. Her passion for exploring this interconnection led Athena to earn a Master’s Degree in Body-oriented Psychotherapy from John F. Kennedy University. There she discovered a deep resonance with C.G. Jung's work, which guided Athena to Candidacy at the Jung Institute of Los Angeles. Athena is also a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

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